Of all the gambling games out there today blackjack is considered a true skill players game. Before getting your feet wet with blackjack it is always essential to read up on some of the books of the blackjack greats such as Ed Thorp who was the first guy to have a book out on a very ingenius method called card counting. This guy was so feared by the casinos that they changed some of the blackjack rules at the casinos because of his book called ” Beat The Dealer” . He ushered in a new way of looking at blackjack gambling as an analytical game of the mind. This should be the bible for anyone looking to become good at blackjack. Just remember that you should never master card counting completely or you will never be allowed to gamble at any casino. They offer fair odds but they are also in it as a business also. Another more simple way of card counting is to lump the high cards in one category and low cards in another category. This technique is much simpler than the full card counting method created by the legend of blackjack above, but had adavantages of being much easier to memorize because of its simplicity. You basically give a certain numerical value to all low cards and a negative amount to the high cards. This way you will always keep yourself in bets that have a higher probability to win.

Just remember that there are some very basic tips in blackjack gambling that you need to know first before learning how to card count. When the dealer has the top card showing as a 6 and you have between a 12 and 15 you should stay 95% of the times because the chances are super good for the dealer to pull a 6 card to face card. In other words your chances are very high to win in this position. Also if the dealer is showing a 6 card and you have both cards totalling between a 7 and 11 this is a fantastic time to double down for twice the winnings. I have done this many times whenever I got to a land-based casino in Las Vegas or in Europe. You have to remember again that Blackjack gambling is a game of odds and in this position where the dealer has a 6 card showing on top there are so many more face cards in the deck then other cards. Always try your best to put yourself in a position of have a higher percentage chance to win then the house and usually you will come out on top. Just remember however that if you do this too many times you will get banned from the casinos.

Now that you understand the mental aspects of blackjack gambling you should also have a basic understanding of the emotional part of it. The best suited personality for blackjack is the mellow, even personality. If you can keep from getting to emotional during winning losing streaks you will stay in the game long enough to turn things around. When I first started gambling when i was in my twenties I would bet the same amount of money during my losing streaks then I would during my winning streaks. This was a fools strategy because I missed oput on alot of extra cash that I could have won. Always lower the amount per bet when you are on a losing streak and increase each bet amount when you are on a winning streak. Its the same basic strategy that stock market daytraders have used and it has made alot of people rich.