Online Video Poker

The history of video poker is similar to the slot machines history. This game appeared in 1970 and it was introduced by Dale Electronics. It was called Poker-Matic video poker machine. Back than although the were used in the land-based casinos in Las Vegas they hadn`t had success.

Only in 1980 together with slot machines video poker started to be a real hit for all the casino visitors.

Nowadays video poker and its online version turned out to be real popular among online casino gambling games, played by people from all over the world.

Today there are hundreds of online video poker games, so there are a lot of types to choose from.

Video poker is basically a combination of the game of slots and poker and it offers the advantages of both games, that is why it is so loved and played everywhere. In land based casinos there had been some changes, because it turned out to be more economical to replace normal poker tables with video poker and slot machines.

Together with the growth and evolution of online gambling the virtual version of video poker machines has been created, this way the number of players who play online video poker has increased.

Why is this game so popular? One good reason is that online video poker is one of the most simple gambling games out there. Thanks to this fact, most of the beginners before starting to play poker choose the video poker machines, for the simple fact that you don`t really have to know anything about gambling in general or poker. You don`t need basic skills or build up your own strategy and i`s far not so intimidating, as regular poker.

If you are following the basic rules you can go wrong. First of all you have to decide how much you want to wager on a hand. The second step of the game is when the machine starts to deal the five poker cards you need. After this is time to make a decision again: which is the card that you don`t need and needs to be thrown away and which are the cards you are going to hold on to.

Here comes the part when the machine will deal you cards again, this time it will deal you the number of cards that you considered to replace. In order to win the jackpot or a certain amount of money, you need to achieve a poker combination at this point. The amount of money that you will win depends on the card combination that you hold in your hands.

You also have some wagering possibilities to take advantage of.

If you are a novice player there are always a few tips and a description of the strategy you have to follow.

So there nothing more to do, than to enter an online casino and play video poker, it`s fun and simple to play.

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