Roulette Strategies

Since the appearance of casinos people started associating gambling with roulette. Over the years the roulette wheel became an icon, a symbol which means only one thing for almost every people in the world, with only a few exceptions: gambling. This wheel of fortune might raise different feelings in gamblers though: many won fortunes and many lost everything. In order to be in the first category, which I am sure everybody would like, you need to play with your head, thinking everything over and not making different decisions what you might regret at the end.

With the advance of the technology in the past decade the on line casinos won the hearts of millions, and they are getting more and more popular as time passes. But since the first gambling opportunities appeared on line roulette also gathered many roulette fans. Now everyone can enjoy the game of roulette no matter how far do you live from a casino. As long as you have Internet access you can play wherever you are, no matter what time is it, due to the 24/7 offers of the online casinos. Also, you don’t have to worry about your outfit, because you can play from the perfect privacy of your bedroom, or even during a coffee brake in your office.

But what is this game about and what strategies should you follow when playing online roulette? First of all if you want to win, and no matter in what game, you have to know the rules by heart, way before starting to learn strategies. Roulette is a complex game, but very simple to play. There is a (in our case virtual) table. The table has a wheel. There are two kinds of roulette games, the European and an American version. The European has 37 numbers, from 0 to 36 and the American one has one more number: the double 0 (00). For each number there is associated a pocket in the wheel, and a certain place on the table. Also, every number is either red or black, alternating between with only one exception: the 0 and the double 0 is green.

This game is played against the house. At every wager the wheel will start to spin and a ball will be thrown in, which will also spin around, on the other direction. The ball will eventually loose its momentum and fall into a pocket on the wheel. At that point the winner is shouted out. You can win by betting on the number, a color, pair on impairs, how big the number will be, and occasionally there might be some other possibilities. You can make as many bets as you’d like, there is no limit. But when the “no more bets” will be shouted out, you won’t be able to place any other bets, and that’s the point when the ball will start spinning.

At first sight you might not like the fact that there is a lot of luck in the game. But this is only the first appearance. In fact there are several tips and strategies which can increase your chances of winning quite considerably, and you can end up by winning more than you loose. In the end this is what every gambler wants and it is the goal of everyone. But there are a couple of advices which might get very useful as there are, if you like, universal laws, which no matter in what game are you playing can always be considered as a good advice. First of all don’t feel lucky. There is no way you can feel what the next number will be. If you try it out once and really the next one will come out you will only get lucky. Usually those who play like this will end up with an empty wallet and the only thing they’ve done is financial suicide. The other thing is that when you start loosing stop playing. This doesn’t mean that at your first loss you will leave the casino. But it is a good idea to calculate a certain amount of money and play with that. If you lost it, than stop playing and leave the casino, you can always come back the other day.

There are some strategies which are considered by some brilliant and by some, again, a financial suicide. One of this is the well known method of tricking the bank, by always putting twice the bet you did last time and you play until you win. In this case, of course you have to bring enough money to always double your bet. But this is very risky. For example if you have a bad luck that night or a certain number of losses, you will run out of money. But the good part is, that you only need to win once, and win back all of your money what you lost previously. Be careful though if you decide to play using this strategy. Don’t get carried away, and try to keep your cool. If you loose it you might find yourself broke, which is something what everybody wants to avoid.

Another argued method is to bet only on red for a number of times, usually 38 times. But this is another risky method, due to the mathematics behind it. The chances of winning (even by neglecting the green outcomes in these calculations) the odds aren’t very good.

Over the years there were several tries to find a strategy with which you can beat the roulette table. But as Albert Einstein said, you can’t beat the table, unless you steal money from it. Over the years there were many tries to create a strategy, having as foundation the Martingale strategy, or the Fibonacci sequence. The martingale strategy is, as mentioned, when you loose double the wager. But this in practice is a financial suicide. Some strategies developed from the Martingale have increased chances, but there is no 100% sure when playing roulette. The same thing goes when calculating with the help of the Fibonacci sequence. You will never be able to find a roulette strategy which will guarantee you absolute advantage in front of the casino; they can only increase your win.

But remember, you can always study the strategies available and try to create one of your own. By reading and studying strategies already developed and used, you can collect precious information about them, and you could also combine them. This is one thing although what you might want to do using casino free plays or without playing with real money, because it is no good to have a winning strategy if you end up with no money.

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