Slot Machine Odds

In this section you explain the odds of winning at slot machines. As you might already know, there really is not one strategy that is logical and could be used with slot machines. Most of its success is based on finding a machine with the best rates and payments, and of course, a bit of luck.

Trying to indicate accurately the probability of winning at slot machines is quite a complicated and difficult thing to do. With the large number of available machines, the odds can change significantly. In general, slot machine odds are expressed as a payout percentage, as we mentioned earlier. The more closer to 100 percent, the better. There are some slot machines that even pay a higher percentage than 100%, which makes them more attractive. These machines that are called “loss of slot machines”, and they are placed strategically among a sea of slots machines at a casino. Its aim is to give the impression that players are winning.

For a long time, the casino operators used to place the machines where there was more traffic – at the entrance, near bars and entertainment centers. The logic behind this is that since these machines give the opportunity to win more often, they would also generate more excitement to people who passed by their side and then bring them to the slots machines to play a round. There is no doubt that this kind of tactic is totally irrelevant when we choose to play slots in online casinos, but it’s nice to know how slot machines operate in land-based casinos.

All this, however, does not give you a greater understanding of the slot machine odds. The first slots machine was a mechanical one and anyone could calculate the odds by simply multiplying the nr of coils by the nr of simbols. For example, the very first slot machine had ten symbols and 3 reels. Therefore, the odds of winning were 10x10x10, with other words 1000 to 1.

Today, traditional slot machines are being operated by computers. Therefore determining the odds exactly is almost impossible, so we will focus on the payment rates. The average margin of banking is estimated around 9%. If you consider the long run, most os the machines will give you at about 91 cents for each 1 dollar bet. Of course, people do not play the slot machines if this happens each time. On the contrary, slot machines are scheduled to return coins explosively, and this is what makes these slot machine games very attractive.

For players who are not greedy it doesn’t take a long time to decode a simple strategy, so administrators restructured things a bit. We applied strategies against putting machines for low payments in high-traffic sites, and vice versa. Today, there is not one standard procedure besides the fact that those machines still offer mixed payment rates, a combination of highs and lows. In order to understand slot machine odds better, what you need to do is to take some time and practice by choosing to play free online slots offered by the best online casinos!

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