Slots Strategies

At this point will describe several strategies that can be helpful to the player to play at slot machines and thus increase their chances of going out with profit. Among the strategies used when playing at slot machines are the following:
“Play Again”

This strategy is very simple and consists in playing the entire starting amount of money of the player who will not be using the profits obtained during the game. For example, let’s suppose that the player is faced with a slot machine whose cost of participation is $1 per spin. If the player has $50 to play in this slot machine, he can play 50 times. Upon completion of these 50 runs, the player must leave the slot machine with the profits that would have succeeded. With this strategy in case the player does not finish with more money than it had at the beginning of the game, at least will not leave with nothing.

And the player will only have to repeat this strategy if the total achieved gains exceed 50% of the amount played. That is, if the player was involved initially with $100 at the end and wit this slots strategy has achieved a payout of $60, then he might consider reapplying this strategy.

“Percentage Game”
To use this strategy it’s required that the player previously played at slot machines and has established the percentage of the initial amount that will apply. For example, let’s suppose that the player originally began playing online slots with $100 and has established a rate of 10%. If the cost of participating in the slot machine game is $1 per spin, then the player will participate 10 times at that slot machine.

If after the 10 runs the player has achieved some very small prizes, he should continue playing at that slot by following this slots strategy. Conversely, if 10 runs passed after the player has not won anything, then he should withdraw from that slot machine and look for another at which it will revert to implementing this strategy. The higher the initial capital is, the greater the chance that the player will have benefits.
The objective to be achieved with these slots strategies is that the player will avoid spending much time and money in front of a slot machine that gives almost no prizes. Knowing at least these two slots strategies is important when you decide to play slots in an online casino that promises high bonuses or even greater jackpots.

Playing slots is quite simple, if you keep in mind that once in a while some calculations are needed to determine whether you have chosen the best slot machine or not. Although slots strategies are really simple, you should memorize them, and this way you can enjoy playing slots without worrying about loosing lots of money. Having a strategy is just like an investment, the time and patience needed to understand the basics won’t be a waste once you win a lot more prizes than before.

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