With the way that online poker has exploded on the same everyone wants to get in on some of the action but there is also another version of poker that also had its fair share of attention and a pretty good history to it and that is video poker gambling. Video poker came as a result of landbased casinos wanting to give their patrons an exciting alternative to poker and this is video poker came about. It started out in the mid-1970’s and it gave people a way of looking at poker in a way they had never seen it before with brilliant colors and spectacular graphics for that time. By the time the next 10 years came video poker started to really gain the attention of the masses and the people who really loved to play it were the beginner poker players who were too intimidated to play at the regular poker tables as it was a fun and stress free alternative for them. From these humble beginnings video poker became a staple gambling game in almost every land-based and online casinos around the world. It is very easy to play as long you understand a few basic steps that we will go through here.

The most basic video poker game is called Jacks or Better. In Jacks or Better you double your money with any pair from a jack to an ace. Anything pair that is lower and you lose, but with 3 of a kind you can hit any card from a 2 to an ace and still win 3 to one on your money. 2 pairs however is a 2-1 winner. The payout amounts keep getting larger until you hit the biggest hand in basic video poker and that is a Royal Flush which pays out a whopping 250 to 1 , but it is also the hardest hand in poker to get.

Another variation of Jacks or Better is called Tens or better. In this game any pair that are 10’s or better is a winner This variation gives gamblers another added hand (pair of tens) with which to win with. The only other difference between these 2 games is that in Tens or Better the Full House and Flush payouts are just a little different on the amount of payout they give.

Every gambling game has its legends and while poker has its great ones in Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth, video poker also has a few legends of its own and one of them is Bob Dancer. Bob was one of the first that came out with special methods that enabled him to win consistently in video poker which took him 3 years of pain staking research. He was no slouch to gambling before that , but he spent much of his time involved with games of skill. He was a great backgammon player before that but wanted to diversify his expertise so he ventured into the realm of video poker. He made millions from his techniques and eventually became famous enough that he is wanted nationwide by many gamblers from novices to veterans to teach them the knowledge of how to win in video poker gambling over a long period of time.
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